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A Smarter Man’s Shave, Part 2: Technique

How to Prevent or Alleviate Razor Burn and Bumps For some, razor bumps are inevitable given the sensitivity of the skin, thickness and coarseness of the hair, and necessity to shave every day. But there are some preventative techniques that may help to reduce ingrowns. Skin Prep First, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and […]

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A Smarter Man’s Shave, Part 1: Razor Burn

Razor burn: We’ve all seen it, probably most of us have experienced it, and I’m sure we all agree that it’s the pits. There’s nothing like an unsightly rash to ruin what was a perfect shave just a few hours ago. For men, it is particularly annoying and unattractive. Beyond the aesthetic impact, razor burn […]

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