Acne: It’s No Friend of Anyone

I have wanted to cover the topic of acne since the launch of this blog, but it’s a topic with such breadth that I have been waiting for the right ...

Think Before You Ink!

Getting “inked” is a decision that one should not take lightly. Tattoos can have potential – and very real – health consequences. Know the Risks We have long acknowledged and mitigated some ...

The Push for More Regulation of Tanning Beds

In my former practice, patients often asked me about tanning salons. I still get questions from friends and family now. I thought it would be helpful to provide an update ...

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Sunny Goes to the Beach: A Children’s Book on Sun Safety

As a dermatology nurse practitioner in Los Angeles for over five years, ...

Airelle: Product Review

The Airelle™ Skincare natural line of anti-aging products claims to improve the appearance of fine ...

A Follow Up on Seborrheic Keratoses

A Common Variant of Seborrheic Keratoses My prior post discusses seborrheic keratoses (SKs), ...

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Unmasking “Maskne”

Daily mask-wearing has become the new normal worldwide as we try to mitigate coronavirus. With facial mask use on the rise, we’re also observing a widespread phenomenon of mask-induced acne, coined “maskne.”  Yes, it’s real, but it’s preventable and treatable. Maskne, Defined Maskne is an example of acne mechanica: skin irritation and acne breakouts, predominantly […]

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My Kickstarter is Live!

The campaign is off to a momentous start, raising $1,425 on Day One! And as of 0700 this morning, we’re at $1,925! We’re well on our way to the funding goal, and we have many more days to go! I’m humbled and excited by the response to my children’s book, Sunny Goes to the Beach. […]

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Seborrheic Keratoses – So Odd, So Common

Seborrheic keratoses (seb-o-REE-ik care-uh-TOE-sees), referred to as “SKs,” are among the most common skin growths. Although benign, they usually look suspicious and concerning, which sends people running to the dermatologist. These growths generally appear in middle-aged and older adults. They have an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance in about half of patients, which means they’re often a […]

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Ugh! Where the Heck Did That Come From? Common warts are a strange phenomenon. They come out of nowhere, have odd shapes and configurations, grow anywhere on the skin, may spread like wildfire, and frequently pose a demanding and lengthy treatment challenge. While they truly belong on witches and goblins, warts commonly afflict us humans, […]

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Maybe You Shouldn’t Put a Ring On It

  Do you ever get a rash like this – an excessively dry or peeling, pink or red, and either itchy or tender, condition – just under your ring? Many people suffer from what’s known as hand dermatitis or hand eczema, especially those with a history of sensitive skin, eczema, allergies, or atopic dermatitis. And, often, […]

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Ava Anderson Non Toxic: Product Review

If you’re in the market for natural and organic skincare products, you may know of a brand called Ava Anderson Non Toxic [AANT]. Some of its personal and skincare products include a moisturizing mask, exfoliator, sugar lip scrub, eye cream, makeup remover, and more. In addition to its popular skincare line, this company offers an array […]

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Reading Between the Facial Lines

It suprises me to learn that, until June 2013, we lacked longitudinal research showing sunscreen’s actual, long-term effects on the appearance of skin. We, both the general public and dermatology professionals, have long deducted through observation that sunscreen (as well as other UV protective measures like wearing sun gear) prevents skin-aging effects, such as wrinkles […]

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Washing Without Water: Dry Shampooing

I’m following a fun blog called Merrick’s Art, in which the author discusses her use of dry shampoo in a couple of her posts. She, like me, is a mom and a blogger with normal to oily hair, who has found a quick solution in dry shampoo. I did some of my own research and discovered […]

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Clay Masks: An Aztec Beauty Secret Resurrected

It seems like everyday, a new cosmetic product is announced that will make us look younger, smooth out imperfections, or firm us up. While new technology and trends are exciting, often, the best solution has been around for ages, never having seen the inside of a laboratory. How I found Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is […]

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Did I Mention I’m Airbrushed, and It’s Customized?

As a prerequisite for this post, we must acknowledge that a tan has psychological benefits, particularly for women. How So? Research reveals that both being tan and the tanning experience itself can immediately boost our psychological well-being – our mood, self-esteem, and self-confidence. When tan, we may perceive ourselves as more attractive – thinner and […]

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