Archive | October, 2015

Clay Masks: An Aztec Beauty Secret Resurrected

It seems like everyday, a new cosmetic product is announced that will make us look younger, smooth out imperfections, or firm us up. While new technology and trends are exciting, often, the best solution has been around for ages, never having seen the inside of a laboratory. How I foundĀ Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is […]

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Did I Mention I’m Airbrushed, and It’s Customized?

As a prerequisite for this post, we must acknowledge that a tan has psychological benefits, particularly for women. How So? Research reveals that both being tan and the tanning experience itself can immediately boost our psychological well-being – our mood, self-esteem, and self-confidence. When tan, we may perceive ourselves as more attractive – thinner and […]

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Age-Defying, Copper…Pillowcase?

About six weeks ago, I ordered a special pillowcase – one that skincare professionals, bloggers, and enthusiasts having been raving about since it hit the market in the Fall of 2013. But instead of what you might imagine, this pillowcase is not made from satin or silk; rather, its fibers consist of copper oxide. And […]

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