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Sunless Tanners, Part 1

A follow up to Faking It: The Art of Faux Tanning Prior to starting this blog, I never used or thought about using self-tanner. I actually cringed at the thought of the off-putting, yellow-orange color. The technology needed tweaking. Even with improvements, and despite recommending it to patients who wanted to mask imperfections, self-tanner didn’t interest […]

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Sunless Tanning Safety

If you’re wary about regularly applying a chemically-derived self-tanner or spray tan, you’re not alone. And I applaud you because we all should consider the health implications of products we ingest or apply to our skin. My curiosity peaked a few months ago when I decided to personally experiment with self-tanner. Since then, I have […]

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Faking It: The Art of Faux Tanning

Forgo Bakin’ It Public awareness of the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun and tanning beds has grown substantially over the past two decades. Programs like The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Go With Your Own Glow campaign stress the beauty of one’s natural skin color, and many celebrities promote untanned skin. But there needs […]

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