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Maybe You Shouldn’t Put a Ring On It

  Do you ever get a rash like this – an excessively dry or peeling, pink or red, and either itchy or tender, condition – just under your ring? Many people suffer from what’s known as hand dermatitis or hand eczema, especially those with a history of sensitive skin, eczema, allergies, or atopic dermatitis. And, often, […]

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Acure Organics: More To It Than a Catchy Name

“Acure for your Skin…Acure for the Planet….Acure for a Cure.” This is the vision of Acure Organics. A Major Award I shop at Whole Foods and Target regularly but had never encountered this brand. A few weeks ago, a display with the above slogan caught my eye. I thought, “That’s clever!” Turns out the store […]

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