Working Out Has No Cons

Week One of the Paleo Challenge Down!

I feel wonderful so far. Some hunger pangs initially as my stomach shrunk, but I’m in full swing now – energized and more detoxed! And down six pounds!

The Complexion

I think my skin purged a bit in the first few days because I have noticed 3 new, very small acne lesions this week, but they’re on their way out. I do have a healthy glow and there seems to be less of an oily sheen to my skin. After just one week, though, it’s really too early to tell as of yet.

More to Say…

Last week’s Paleo post addressed the Paleo’s diet and its potential impact on skin. But what about the Paleo’s exercise regimen and its potential effect(s) on skin?

More to Paleo than Diet

Paleo aims to prevent serious ailments caused by modern living, and thus it involves more than just food energy. In addition to clean eating, it focusses on stress reduction, community engagement and support, fitness and play, exposure to nature, and honoring the body’s circadian rhythms (glorious sleep!).

Paleo or “Primal” Fitness

imagePaleo focusses on modeling the exercise patterns of our ancestors to obtain peak physical performance and longevity with minimal effort. It involves weight-bearing, mobility, and slow, sustained movement. Instead of grueling cardio machines at an indoor gym, Paleo recommends pleasurable, vigorous outdoor exercise – competing in a sport or playing with our kids, walking or hiking, swimming or kayaking, sprinting or jogging, or swinging kettlebells. It promotes joyous exercise for long term, sustainable results.

The Impact of Exercise on Complexion – Primal or Not

Here’s what we know, exercising the body has the following physiological effects on the skin:

  • Increased collagen production

Capillaries dilate with movement, resulting in increased nutrient-rich blood flow and delivery of collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts) to the skin.

Increased collagen results in skin’s improved resistance to sagging and plumper skin.

  • Deep cleansing of pores

Impurities like clogged pores (acne, blackheads) cause dragging of the skin over time, creating an illusion of sagging.

  • Stress reduction

Regular exercise reduces cortisol, a hormone that blocks collagen production.

Stress causes increased production of cortisol, thereby reducing collagen and increasing sagging and thinning.

  • Increased skin cell regeneration

Improved sleep.

Sleep promotes natural healing processes including regeneration of collagen and elastin, both essential to keep skin taut and firm.

  • Detoxification

Increased circulation carries toxins out of the skin by increasing blood flow to the liver, the body’s detoxifier.

Fewer toxins results in firmer and tighter skin.

  • Improved posture

Strengthening core muscles results in standing more upright, which helps the skin fight gravity and looseness.



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