Paleo Week 4 – It Ain’t Over…

30-day Paleo challenge complete? CHECK!

Time to Kick Paleo to the Curb?

As this post’s title gives away, I don’t think so. The Paleo lifestyle is going too well to end now – or ever.

I feel so healthy that I don’t want to go back to old, glutenous, carb-loaded habits. And my complexion looks too good, as well. I have had NO acne lesions since the very beginning of the challenge, which I expected during week 1. My skin feels softer and looks more youthful. Although, on second thought, perhaps it looked more youthful when it was peppered with blemishes and an oily sheen!

The fact that my skin has held up against increased perspiration, more facial sunscreen use, and menstrual hormonal swings suggests that a correlation does exist between diet, exercise (and with that, stress reduction), and acne.

With Some Tweaks

I’m going to stick with Paleo with a few exceptions or allowances, including red wine, an occasional dessert, and whatever dish(es) cause me to salivate when I go out to eat. I think moderation makes sense in this case rather than complete restriction. When it comes to meal preparation at home and an exercise regimen, however, I intend to remain compliant and excuse-less to the best of my ability. Due to my prior naval service, I imagine myself standing at attention with a thousand-yard stare as I make this pledge.

Before Starting Paleo:

smattering of blemishes…


After 4 Paleolithic Weeks:

not a selfie fan. gave it my best shot.

Check out that acne-free complexion. Yep, I’ve officially converted to a cavewoman.

Relevant Article

Click HERE to read an informative article that describes the theorized link between diet and acne as it relates to the Paleo lifestyle.

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2 Comments on “Paleo Week 4 – It Ain’t Over…”

  1. tjq26
    July 1, 2015 at 5:48 pm #

    Great job! So glad we made it. Your skin looks flawless. I’m going to try to stick to this as a baseline too.


    • July 1, 2015 at 7:28 pm #

      Why not, right? Thank you for the compliment. Paleo’s a good fit. 🙂


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